Jacob's Restaurant

1266 Broadway Sonoma, CA


Jacob cares about your anonymity online, but he will likely thank you in person.

We use your order to better understand macro inventory needs. Our customers' personal information is never stored on our servers. We use app information to find out what is being ordered, when and how much.

Orders are identified by bringing the e-receipt to the restaurant. Customer transactions are radified by a middleman, at no point can we see your card information. We are able to see your items ordered, and the tip. Jacob blindly hands food to the matching customer receipt.

Customers will receive notifications if opted for, otherwise the app will display order progress information. All orders are pickup. At no point do we query for the customer location. After ordering, the provided payment option will be charged. Jacob will begin and complete the order then notifiy and fufill the customers' pickup on arrival. Please collect orders from the front of the restaurant, under the pickup banner.